I’m Patti Minter and I’m running for Mayor because Bowling Green deserves leaders who lift people up instead of leaving people behind. That’s been my life’s work.

Growing up on our family farm in East Tennessee, I learned from my parents’ example as they helped out our neighbors any way they could. They raised me with the values of our tight-knit community. And they taught me that public service isn’t about one person. It’s about all of us.

I’m proud to be a product of our public schools, from kindergarten to college. After earning a PhD in History from the University of Virginia, I moved to Bowling Green 31 years ago and made this beautiful city my home. I took my first job in a classroom at Western Kentucky University and I’ve been teaching on top of the Hill ever since. Education is the key to preparing our kids for the future. And I see that in my classrooms every day.

When I made Bowling Green home, I didn’t do it alone. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Michael for 35 years (36 in June!). Michael has supported me every step of the way, and I’m so lucky to have him by my side. We have one amazing son, Alex, who recently graduated from Bowling Green’s excellent public schools. Alex is a brilliant student and I’m so proud to be his mom. Together, we love to travel, cook, host friends, enjoy concerts and musicals, and play with our adorable cats: Matilda, Felix, and the newest member of our family, Wolfgang. My family is my rock, and I’m so grateful for their support and love.

While my upbringing and education made me who I am, and my family supports me through thick and thin, my commitment to the people of Bowling Green is why I got into this race. From 2007 to 2014, I was elected by my colleagues as Faculty Regent on the WKU Board of Regents, where I made sure my fellow educators had a say in the decisions that affected our classrooms. And as an advocate with Bowling Green Fairness, I’ve stood up and shown up for our LGBTQ citizens who deserve to be able to live and work without fear of discrimination.

After I was elected to represent Bowling Green in the state legislature in 2018 (and re-elected in 2020), I worked with Governor Beshear, Democrats, and Republicans to lower the cost of insulin, pass tornado recovery bills, deliver federal dollars for the Bowling Green Veterans Center, and personally secure $3.5 million for Bowling Green’s roads.

I’m running for this job with experience as a mom, an educator, an advocate, and a two-term state representative because it’s time to fix what’s broken in our city. Our city is growing, but too many of our people feel left out and left behind. Together, we can change that. I’m not part of a good ol’ boys club, and I’m not in anyone’s pocket. I’ve spent my life working to lift up the people of Bowling Green — and I know that all of us win when we grow together.